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Internet Lead Management from Teck Interactive MediaAre you trying to buy, sell or generate leads online from your website or blog? Or can you benefit from additional sales help to generate potential business? Teck Interactive Media will help you to generate and manage your leads in one secure place that is easy for you to access and manage from anywhere.

We provide automated forms that can be easily implemented into your current website or the development of your new one. Manage all of your affiliate networks and affiliates from one location and cancel out all the hastle of logging into multiple systems.

Teck Interactive Media is integrated with all of the major lead providers in a variety of industries, to include: hard money loans, mortgage, debt, real estate, auto, insurance, loan modification, credit repair, non-profit, home business opportunities, and many others. Our leads all go through our lead scoring system based on past qualified and non-qualified leads that have already been processed allowing you to avoid the hastle of attempting to follow up with leads that are not the best quality for your business.

Contact us for more info on our lead management services and view our affiliate network section for more info on some of the websites and online advertising opportunities that are available. Additional opportunities and details are available upon request.


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